19th December 2018
 Pam Laurance Counselling

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Pam Laurance

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does It Cost?

I generally charge on this format - If your income is 20,000 a year then you pay me 20 per hour, If your income is 25,000 per year then you pay me 25 per hour; and so on. If you earn 40,000 or more then you pay me 40 per hour.

Are You a Member of a Professional Organisation?

I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and subscribe to the BACP code of ethics. A copy of this can be obtained from the BACP. If you have a complaint that you do not think we can deal with between us then it is the BACP who would take it up.

Do You have Supervision?/Why?

I will discuss our sessions with my supervisor who is a qualified experienced counsellor. Supervision is a requirement for all BACP counsellors. The purpose is for me to examine issues that come up within my work and to consider my responses.

Is the Counselling Confidential?

You can be sure that whatever you tell me will be treated as private. There are, however, some exceptions to the rule of total confidentiality. One is that I will discuss our work in my supervision sessions; the other is that if I came to the belief that there was a significant danger to yourself or to someone else then I might think it right to break the confidence. There are also other matters that I have a legal duty to report; we can talk about this when we meet.

Can I see your Certificate of Qualification etc?

You are welcome to look at all the relevant documents (training qualification, insurance certificate etc.). Please let me know if you would like to do that.

Do you keep notes of our sessions? Who can see them?

Yes, in common with most other counsellors, I write notes after sessions. This is so I can remind myself of current issues before sessions and so that I can look back over them to see how the counselling is going. Notes are confidential and kept in a locked storage box. I will discuss these notes, from time to time, with my supervisor. You can see them, on request. Notes are generally destroyed after seven years.

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